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Diggs is challenging both of these sentiments and should be applauded for doing so — particularly with nearly 7 percent of Americans describing themselves as mixed-race, according to a June Pew Research study.No one is suggesting children like Walker should be described as white.For the first four decades of my life I assumed my genes were equally derived from my white Jewish mother and African-American dad.Sure, like most black families, we knew history had “whitened” my father’s blood line.But Diggs rightly demands that it’s time folks stop denying that his son is, ultimately, as much white as he is black.Or, perhaps, even more so — I know from personal experience.

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For it turns out that genetically, at least, I’m actually 50 percent “more” white than black — 39.1 percent “Sub-Saharan African,” to be precise, compared to 59.1 percent “European.” My mom’s line, as expected, is pretty pure — virtually 100 percent Ashkenazi Jewish.

How else to explain why black leaders were some of the most vocal opponents of the introduction of a “multi-racial” category in the 2000 US Census?

Then there’s the common black contention that all African-Americans are of “mixed” ancestry as a result of miscegenation during slavery.

Two generations later, Diggs seeks to spare his son from a similarly small-minded fate.

America may not yet be truly “post-racial.” But perhaps, as Diggs discusses, the country can begin to accept that biracials are here to stay.

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