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How do I package all the things that I’m busy with now so that it gives me enough time to go back to university, that’s probably the biggest venture now and that I’m excited about.I think it’s very important, for me it’s probably the best thing to be well-known, I hate the word ‘celebrity’ but to be able to make a difference I think this country gives you a very unique platform from where every single person can make a difference just by giving some of your time and be able to give some effort.) I think my father is probably my biggest role model, I think the way that he was able to balance his priorities which was his family number one and also being a successful lawyer so that for me has been important.And there’s one or two sportsmen that translated their success on the sports field onto business like Francois Pienaar.To always keep on improving, it wasn’t a challenge for me but it is an important thing for anyone to never be satisfied with the status quo to see how they can always improve them.Motivation for me was never really an issue, it was probably in fact a drawback as I would over train cause I was so eager and I was never afraid to work too hard.There are not too many of those guys who translated and that were more successful than they were on the sports field.

Enjoy gourmet food trucks - Gifts to fill Christmas stockings – Polo – Take your festive family portrait - Live performance by Brother Brother - Kids entertainment including pony rides - R50 per vehicle.

My challenge is always how to capture this view and this feeling on a brochure or even a video – it’s hard you know.

When you come out here, it’s like ‘Wow – I didn’t know it was like this’.

I think one of the things that swimming really teaches you from an early age is how to manage your time.

I learned very early on that if I have two-three hours a day to do all my homework that I can get it done – the times that I was sick or took a break from swimming, I had all day to do it and I wouldn’t get it done. I have a lot on my plate at the moment; my balance in life is probably not the best.

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