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They are an expression of the funerary practices of the Dilmun and Tylos eras that were prominent periods of trade between Mesopotamia, South Arabia and the Indian subcontinent.’So far a total of 11 sites have been placed on a preliminary list by UNESCO, the preparatory stage for a World Heritage listing.To date, the Bahrain Fort (Qal’at Al Bahrain) is the country’s sole World Heritage Site, and its listing has provided the impetus for its preservation.Pottery and bronzes line the exhibition cases and are a potent reminder that, despite all of our technological advancement, our sense of aesthetics hasn’t changed much at all.6 Natural pearls: It’s not without reason that Bahrain is called the ‘Pearl of the Gulf’.Apart from being a hugely important and strategic trading centre, Bahrain possesses one of the world’s richest oyster beds.Active from the third millennium BC, the Saar digs prove the existence of an organised society at that time.

The windfall for Bahrain’s tourism industry, were the country to get a second World Heritage listing, could be substantial.

‘The past 30 years have seen much urban development in Bahrain. We were forced to excavate what we could and documented the sites with drawings and photo’s for our archives.

The artefacts that were recovered, like vases, glasses, weapons and bones, are stored in the National Museum.

Although no one is quite sure which god the temple was erected in honour of, when the Danish expedition in 1954 uncovered it, it was clear that it was of huge historical value.

Mesopotamian in style and dating back to the third millennium BC, the temple has a number of distinctive local characteristics as well as being similar in style to those found in Iraq.

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