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Because of the vulnerability of the structures and the impact of a recent earthquake, the site was also placed on the List of World Heritage in Danger to help mobilize resources for its conservation.Description is available under license CC-BY-SA IGO 3.0 Les usines de Humberstone et de Santa Laura représentent plus de 200 anciens sites d’extraction du salpêtre, où des ouvriers, venus du Chili, du Pérou et de Bolivie, vécurent dans des cités minières et forgèrent une culture pampina commune.

Humberstone and Santa Laura works contain over 200 former saltpeter works where workers from Chile, Peru and Bolivia lived in company towns and forged a distinctive communal pampinos culture.

Meanwhile, the government are on the hunt for these runaway kids, will Bill and his family be able to protect them too? Detective Brendon Urie is called to Las Vegas to work on a case.

There he meets his new partner, Detective Ryan Ross.

(I swear the fic isn't as cheesy as the summary pls just read it the ryden is oof af) New kids, old friends, college applications and annoying teachers. Hours of driving later, through cities and towns, then down highways lined with endless roads of trees, her family stepped out of the car in the outskirts of a little town named Huddersfield.

Follow Dallon Weekes, William Beckett, Frank Iero, and Andy Hurley on their queer adventures navigating high school and their GSA. A look into the lives of fourteen high school seniors as they say goodbye.(I found this on my old computer as I was clearing it off. ”Gabe looked at Mikey and then pulled the card out of his wallet.”Michael James Way…Erotic Novelist.”Gabe looked at the card and then back up at the man in front of him.”You write porn!? Porn sounds dirty.” Joe is a halfbreed alien from a questionable background arranged to marry the prince of (Neo) Earth. Like, a seriously committed, seriously creepy, seriously screwed up, "I Will Fuck You Across The P. It only takes a guy with a green jacket, ugly glasses, and a hat with a little puff on the top to make Pete question his sexuality.

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