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Session topics are as follows: 1) Defining Caring Relationships; 2) Defining Dating Abuse; 3) Why Do People Abuse; 4) How to Help Friends; 5) Helping Friends; 6) Overcoming Gender Stereotypes; 7) How We Feel, How We Deal; 8) Equal Power Through Communication; 9) Preventing Dating Sexual Abuse; and 10) Reviewing the Safe Dates Program. Assessing the long-term effects of Safe Dates and a booster in preventing and reducing dating violence victimization and perpetration. Implementation has taken place internationally in the following countries: Australia, Canada, Chile, Guam, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.Safe Dates engages parents and guardians through the use of specific parent materials. In the United States, the program has been implemented in schools in New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and in the Nashville area of Tennessee.Sexual violence perpetration was measured by asking how often the respondents a) forced individuals to have sex with them, and b) forced individuals to perform other sexual acts that they did not want to do. (2014): Peer violence perpetration was measured by asking respondents how many times they had ever done any of the following to someone of the same sex and the same age: beat them up, hit them with a fist, threatened them with a weapon, and used a weapon on them. The 1-day training is intended for school administrators, teachers, and counselors.This outcome was also assessed among adolescents who were currently dating, adolescents who reported at baseline that they had never been a victim or perpetrator of dating violence, adolescents who reported at baseline that they had been victims of dating violence, and adolescents who reported at baseline that they had been perpetrators of dating violence (Foshee et al., 1998). Training costs are ,200 per day, plus travel expenses for the trainers.Again, thank you so much for all that you do to educate our Sailors.” “Your program is exceptional!The message you send is very appropriate for our cadets. you were able to get the group to not only pay attention, but to thoroughly engage in the program.” “I was apprehensive at first because I saw the clip online and didn’t know if you would gear your discussion to middle schoolers, but I shouldn’t have worried.The Families for Safe Dates program is available as an add-on for those interested in engaging caregivers more fully in the program. The program has most often been administered by schools or community agencies such as youth organizations, sexual violence prevention agencies, and faith-based organizations.This program is promising for reducing disruptive behavior disorders and externalizing/antisocial behaviors. The program can be administered within a health education, family life-skills, or general life-skills curriculum.

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Includes reproducible student handouts, parent resources, information on dating abuse via technology, and more.

The review of the program yielded sufficient evidence of a favorable effect. No ratio of teachers to students is specified, but Safe Dates is most often administered within a typical middle- or high-school classroom, with each of the 10 sessions lasting about 50 minutes.

Based on one study and three measures, the average effect size for disruptive behavior disorders and externalizing/antisocial behaviors is .18 (95% CI: .10, .22). The Safe Dates program: One-year follow-up results. The five core components of the Safe Dates program are contained within the curriculum and are available for purchase online, at a cost of 5 per manual.

Treatment and control group differences in sexual violence perpetration exhibited suggestive trends in the predicted directions, but the differences were not significant (Foshee et al., 1998). The evaluation questionnaire includes a scoring sheet.

There were no group differences in perpetrating violence against a peer (an individual of the same sex and age), at a 1-year follow up (Foshee et al., 2014). (1998): Psychological abuse perpetration was measured by asking respondents how often they had done any of 14 listed actions to dating partners such as “damaged something that belonged” to them or “insulted” them in front of others. In-person Safe Dates Implementation Training is also provided through the program supplier, Hazelden Publishing.

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