Ok to call guy dating

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If said man can not get over said women within one month, said man's friends are required to find said man a sluttier chick to take his mind off of said women.If said slut does not help said man to get over said women, Said mans friends are required to drop said man from the group until he makes up for the period of bitchy time.In order to remedy the sadness, the so called man will either have to suck it up, (which is the more manly way to do it) or go crawling back. It is now open season for any form of prank or humiliation.No man shall give the previous ex more than 3 strikes.The friend zone is purgatory or in some cases hell- sheer agony with little chance of escape. Furthermore, no man should date a woman over twice his age, minus 14.If a woman is taken, no man who does not claim the title of "Her Man" may spend time alone with her.A man is also entitled to castrate any man who sleeps with his woman.

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At the conclusion of your relationship you may be tempted to enter into a relationship with a friend of your ex-girlfriend.If you dumped her, dating her friends is off-limits.If she dumped you, dating her friends is allowable, but proceed with caution. It will not work, and you'll seem like an unconfident princess.If Dumped - No man shall spend more than 1 month cryin or being sad over a woman.After that one month period he is required to move on and find a better chick.

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