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Although the topic of circumcision was once taboo, recently this subject has received an increasing amount of media attention.

The ballot initiative to prohibit the circumcision of minors in San Francisco has generated a crescendo of articles in newspapers, magazines, and online publications. TV shows, You Tube videos, and even full length films are available on the subject.

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As a result of this exposure, information about the physical and psychological trauma inflicted on our baby boys is being made available to all.

Complications from this unnecessary surgery are being publicized.

(Hebrew) is nothing more than a covenantal naming ceremony for baby Jewish boys.

If your mother is Jewish, you are Jewish, regardless of the status of your genitalia.

In the United States, where circumcision is being performed by physicians in hospitals as a “medical procedure,” many secular Jewish families have their sons circumcised in the first days of life because it is the American thing to do.

A Jewish baby boy is born, and people ask “When is the ?

” not even considering the alternative─ blissfully leaving the baby boy’s penis intact, in its natural and normal state.

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