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An operator is required to monitor webcams,microphones and text.

The operator was then exposed to and became a victim of sexual abuse.

It’s the story of why I decided to set off on such a journey and what I saw, felt and learned presented to you largely through the drawings that I created every step of the way.

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Attempts to contact camfrog results in unanswered email, or email that is returned. It is important to note that camfrog operators are known to act inappropriately. Some users are targetted by camfrog operators and cyber bullied or mistreated with punishments and bans.

Although camfrog may state that it is active in the protection of minors. If a pedophile or sexual predator is witnessed performing offensive sexual acts on webcam and removed by an operator.

They can return in a few minutes after a few changes to their computer to resume their abuse.

So we discussed the idea and my need to put my circumstances into context, the need for an ‘existential slap in the face’.

Speak to anyone who is depressed and suicidal but who would appear from the outside to have a very happy life and this is something they will undoubtedly wrestle with at some point.

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