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It was Saturday morning I saw my wife getting ready for her office is working in a big private co-operative bank as a loan sanctioning officer.Let me tell about my wife when I got married she was about 19 years now after 14 years of marriage she has put on lot of flesh on her fair body , she was about 5.4tall She is very fair her skin still after so many years is so silky so smooth she has no hair on her arms her thighs she has a bit long face almost resembling Pooja Bedi when I married her she was very slim used to wear 32 D size bra to cover her boobs which from the first I know had bigger cup size for her slim figure how ever she used to hide them very nicely with her clothes after we had two kids now she has put on more weight she is now about 58 Kgs with her height she does not look that fat but her bra size has gone up from 32 D to 34 D and they have really over grown and the more she tries to cover them in her dress more they try to come out her hips swelled with her age but she was able to maintain her waist a bit even though it measured 32 in the centre as her hips had become 38 -39 her waist looked symmetric , now she is about 33 years well matured by size shape and image Rehana was always been centre of attraction in every function we used to for the reason is the way she used to dress she used to wear always sarees I tell u the way she used to wear them made her look so hot she normally used to make sure that her saree has lot of pleats and the material of the saree used to be for the occasion some times she will wear a cotton saree some times silk some time chiffon when ever she wear chiffon it used to give me hadrons even after having fucking her for almost 14 years because it used to be transparent and it look as it is sliding over her silken body her skin used to glow under the saree she used to make sure that she has worn it just below her navel she had some kind of tummy attraction as her stomach had some flesh which used to just jut out of her saree and you can feel that this part of her stomach is being used to hold her saree in the position it is it had some flesh trying to come out of the petticoat.Here this guy was very intelligent in making her agree that what she is doing is with her own consent and they are not forcing her into it.Some where in back of my mind I thought Rehana being so traditional and religious up bringing and the way we have spent all these year s of our married life she will walk out but to my utter disbelieve she told sir I know what you are talking of it is ok for me I too feel there is nothing dirty in sex all these years I had thought sex with others is dirty to my good luck Vivek thought me how we must enjoy life and how sex is the most important part so this it new to me with two guys after some time even I may think of three guys Praksh My god you are ready then Vivek you were right about Rehana she more hot then she looks can we start the function of making Rehana our Chinal Vivek Sir you will feel happy that you have some one like Rehana at our office if you have her once you will become addicted to her Prakash Rehana let us start I want you to fallow my instructions for the next three hours is it ok Rehana Sir I am Your Dasi / Salve what ever you say I will do Praksh Rehana now go to the corner of the hall and stand there let us first enjoy your beauty which only you husband has enjoyed so far Rehana waled to the corner of the Hall while walking she made sure that her her hips sway with every movement of her legs her ass sways in rhythm as she went to the corner of the hall she stood there waiting for their comand.Rehana let her head loll back as the lust swelled in her groin.Vivek took that opportunity to lean in and kiss her furiously. Her tits were full and round and being excessive, just right in the thier view, and her nipples were pointed out like little erasers and were very sensitive.Prakash : Rehana now jiggle your tits and shake them let us see how they move Rehana started moving her boobs I had never seen her doing this my god she looked so sexy doing her boob shake now Prakash; remove the saree chinal and take out your petticout let us see u in only bra and panty Rehana then removed the saree fully and kept it on the office table then she pulled the elastic of her petticout it slid on her tighs now she was looking like sex godeses Prakash; Rehana you look so sexy my god if you want you can make money in croes by acting in hollywood blue films my god many will die to make a film with you how many kids do you have the birth mark and your prenancy marks show on your lower navel they make you look more sexy bosdi Rehana Sir I have two kids I do daily work out to keep my body fit I think I have made you guys happy I have never been given this kind of show even to my husband Vivek : Rehana for your husband you are his wife for us you are our chinal our slave so you must remember it now press your tits with your own hand I think they are so bit show us you can lick your nipples from your tounge : This was bit strange I had never thought that she can suck her own nipples my god now she is sucking her own nipples she was getting hotter by every second Prakash : Rehana you dont look like u have two kids your body is still stiff and not loose I think your husband does not use you much how many times does he fuck you in a week Rehana : Sir thee times a week Prakash : What a waste guy he has biryani with him and does not know how to eat it too if I were in his palce I would have fucked you every day Rehana ; Sir I too want every day but what to do he is busy guy Praksh : now you give us a show of Vivekp walk in this bra and sexy pantyof yours: Rehana started walking up and down the hall my go d she looked so hot whenshe walked her big tits moved up and down and her hips her big gand shaked well from behind Prakash : Good Chinal now show us your Mus-Lim Chute rmeove that panty : Rehana withotu nay hesitation removed her panty and her gleestring shaved pussy was like a nice gate way my goddddddddddddddddd Prakash : hey Chinal Rehana come near and move your thighs apart and hold it with your finger and show the pink hole: She came near to them and did what she was told by , by this time she was too hot her pussy had become so wet and even one touch to her clit can make her cum Vivek ; Sir Shit she is so hot she needs to be fucked now Rehana Sir you made me nude now u guys are still in your dresses I know what vivek looks like under his pants but sir about you I dont know so why dont you guys show me those Hin-du lunds Prakash : Rehana so you have had it with Vivek before tell me frankly what diffrence do u find in him and your husband Rehana; Sir My husaband is a good buy but his lund is not even half the size of Viveks lund and the amount of pleasure Viveks Dick has given me I have never had in 14 years of my husbands fucking in front of Viveks Lund I feel my husbands lund look like a small boys lund.OOOOOOOOH MY GOD I never knew what my wife thinks about my dick my god is it so small I had measured it befor eit was almost 6 I thought it is quite big then my god how big is Viveks I too wanted to see it Prakash Rehana my darling Chinal if you think Vivek is too big what about mine saying this he removed his pants his dick was already hard MY GOD this HIN-DU Lund is going to kill my Sexy wife and it will tear her MUS-lim chute I thought Then as she saw his maasive dick she told My god Vivek I never thought a man canhave such a a biglund That was the cue for Prakash to take both of her tits in each hand and alternate licking and kissing the Rehana-nipples, while Vivek licked and nipped at her ears from behind.

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any how this was my dream come true also so I thought why must I disturb them let me see how much my wife will go on in the game I had dreamt of one guy fucking her in front of me but now here I am about to see her fucking two guys one very young 10 years younger to me other older then ten years to me what a combination I thought.I told sweety I know you well, I to want every Tom Dick & Harry to fuck you but you dont heed to my request , You are so sexy any man will die to cut his lund to fuck you for even once in his life Then she got out of the home and went to her office I went to my office after the bath all they way I was thinking how lucky I am to have such a wonderful wife who is so nice to me as a friend so sexy in bed so good mother to my kids such a wonderful cook.By 6.00 PM my meeting with the client got postponed to the other week so what to do now I thought I had made my kids go to my mothers place after the school as Rehana had told she has a party at her office and I will also be late then I thought why dont I go to Rehanas office and pick her up enjoy the party as well ,as I knew most of her staff in the bank they were all nice guys so I took my car and went to her Office I reached there by 45 mins when I reached her office there was no cars in their parking lot except two cars one I know was of Vivek her manager there was other car it was Big BMW I thought it must be her MD Mr Praksh Agarwal.Moving down until he was on his knees in front of her, Vivek reached around and took the panty off and let it fall to the floor, leaving Rehana naked except for her high heels and the sexy bra.Vivek ran his hands up the insides of her thighs, to her dripping wet cunt.

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