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Taylor: During recumbency, as the superincumbent weight is re- moved, the head supports are taken off. ' The reply to this question is that the lack of thirst in a grown person is no indication of his need MARYLAND MEDICAL JOURNAL. A child is always thirsty, and we would be thirsty at proper inter- vals, so that the appetite would be a guide, if we did not from preoccupation or some other cause which makes us in- attentive to the impulse neglect it, until we find it often absent altogether.

Protargol in the Treatment of 883 Ib39 f IV INDEX TO VOLUME XXXIX. 627 Guaiacol Applications in Gonorrheal Epi- didymitis 512 Guaiacol in Epididymitis 762 Gynecology and Obstetrics, Recent Pro- gress in 533, 789, 841 Health Commissioner's Suggestions 884 Health, The State's 484 Heart, Capillary Puncture of the 666 Heart Disease from the Standpoint of Life Insurance 500 Hemorrhage, Uterine 475 Hemorrhoids, A new Operative Treatment for 531 Hernia, Diaphragmatic 480 Hernia, Inguinai, The Transplantation of the Rectus Muscle in Certain Cases of, in which the Conjointed Tendon is Obliter- ated 525 Hernia of the Ovary, with a Report of Two Cases Cured by Laparotomy 681, 702 Hoarseness in Singers and Speakers 821 Hot- Weather Literature 822 Hydraulic Pressure in Genito-Urinary Practice 615 Hygiene at Health Resorts 870 Hypertrophy of the Prostrate, Bottini's Operation for 501 Hypnotism in General Practice 771 Hysterectomy, Vicarious Menstruation After 497 Hysteria, Lenten 489 Iliac Perforation in a Child 883 Injuries to the New-Born in Cross, Com- plex and Breech Presentation 512 Insane Paupers 518 Insomnia 742 Insomnia, The Therapeutics of 736 Intestine, Circular Sutures of the, Inflated Rubber Cylinders for 500 Iodide, Potassium, Saturated Solution of.. 621 MEDICAL ITEMS: 485, 503, 521, 539, 557, 579, 599, 617, 635, 657, 677, 695, 713, 729, 743, 757, 769, 783, 797, 811, 823, 835, 847, 873, 859, 885 Medical Schools 884 Melanocarcinoma 831 Meningitis, Cerebro-Spinal, Epidemic, 543, 564, 589 Milk and Infantile Mortality 831 Nerve Disorders in Zymotic Diseases.... 821 Pharmacists, The 834 Pharmacy Law, The 484 Phosphorus and Morphine Poisoning.... But as the exist- ence n\ gonorrheal osteo-periostitis had been demonstrated by Fournier and others. Claisse thought that it was natural to attribute the lesions to the di- rect action of the gonococcus. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION, .00 a year, payable in advance, including postage for the Unit* d States. Subscribers are earnestly requested to avoid arrearages.

Medical and Surgi- cal Report of the Children's Hospital, Boston, 1 869- 1 894. The two latter forms depend generally on special causes, which have to be studied in con- nection with pregnancy and deliver} . Dilated cervix with tupelo and sponge tents, and March 30 removed a fibroid tumor from the uterine cavity. And to quote the "Englishman's Doctor:" "Arc enemies to health and good digestion.

Transactions of the New York State Medical Society, 1863. And in Luke 8: 43, "And a woman hav- ing an' issue of blood twelve years, which had bestowed all her living upon physi- cians, neither could be healed by any." Uterine hemorrhage may occur in the unimpregnated uterus, (lining pregnancy or after delivery or abortion. ' 'Sir Thomas Elyot himself is very certain, in spite of the Cornishmen, that "there be in water causes of divers dis- eases, as of swelling of the spleen and liver." He complains oddly also that "it flitteth and swimmeth," and concludes that "to young men and them that be of hot complexions it doeth less harm, and sometimes it profiteth, but to them that are feeble, old and melancholy it is not convenient." Water is not wholesome cool by itself for an Englishman." was the ver- sion of Andrew Borde — monk, physi- cian, bishop, ambassador and writer on sanitation — as the result of a life's expe- rience.

If physicians have cause to com- plain that they have less to do than formerly, let them carry their complaints before this association. Scarlet Fever Varioloid Varicella Typhoid Fever Deaths. The Maryland Public Health Association will meet in Baltimore May 11 and 12.

Waring, whose experience in keeping Xew York clean is well worthy of imitation. By the will of the late Miss Duhurst of Bal- timore 0 each was left to the Presbyterian Eye, Ear and Throat Charity Hospital, Wo- man's Hospital and the Union Protestant In- firmary.

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