Chloe michael dating

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Luckily for Chloe, two kind-hearted students (Shawn Douglas Brady and Isabella Black) took pity on her, and struck up a friendship.But it was Philip Kiriakis who followed her to the docks the night she sang an aria for Shawn Brady's birthday.Chloe and Philip almost became lovers in the stables on the Kiriakis estate, but were interrupted when Victor showed up. She soon began hanging out with Belle's brother Brady (all her friends were on the island), but Philip was still a part of her life.When he learned she was spending time with Brady, he again verbally attacked her, but Chloe kept making excuses for him.Things went topsy-turvy again when Nancy's father Dr. He realized the truth, that Chloe was the daughter Nancy had years earlier.

But Chloe didn't want them living there..embarked on a campaign of her own to get them out of her house.

They encountered each other again on Halloween, him dressed as Zorro. When Nancy and Craig found her, she told them that Philip had raped her.

They continued to spar, but Chloe was soon officially dating Philip. She later recanted (after Craig punched Philip), but justified what she did by saying that Philip had no right to lie to her.

Eventually she is diagnosed with leukemia, and her family begins looking for her birth father in the hopes of a bone marrow transplant.

She and Brady go looking for Frederick Sykes, Nancy's rapist.

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