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This template can also be used for collecting specification details of any gadgets such as tablets, laptops, i...

This template can be used by those who wish to put up Personality Exercises.

Aside from manufacturers and producers, online f...

Travels, history and documentary can be easily shared and understood using this Questions and Answers template.

This template is similar to their surveys and can be updated/edited to fit your survey questionnaires.

This Survey template focuses on gathering respondent’s experiences in a specific event of their lives.

A Master Page is used to control not only the style specifications of a website and all its pages developed using ASP.

A compilation of such data will show which products/brands are commonly purchased.All you need to do is pick from any of our ready-to-use templates. This type of Survey template extracts the population’s socioeconomic status, needs and interests, by asking questions like “What is your country? You can provide articles, paragraphs or just a sentence and compare participant’s answers as to how relevant your sample is to your provided scenarios.These templates are built so that all you need to do is use our Clone & Edit option, personalize your chosen template, then go ahead with adding your project requirements. You wouldn't need to work hard on putting one together - it's all done for you! Which of the following best describes the area you live in? By creating multiple answer questions, this template enables user to identify personal preferences on food, clothing and other products based on different factors (Ex: physical, emotional, financial and social relevance) A JS/CSS user friendly template, perfect for gathering useful information of specifications of mobile phones.Or if you just need to keep a record of all your expenses without the hassle of inspecting them one by one.Give your app a final test and get feedback before launching it.

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